Never Better

by Land Speed

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released December 1, 2014

Recorded at Annex Audio
Artwork by Alex Sowa
Photo by Al Harley



all rights reserved


Land Speed England, UK


We are a band.

Surf Dawg.

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Track Name: Tall Tales
I've been a wreck for weeks,
Self pity whats inside me.
Not even time to think
I start to loathe what I've become.
And when the winter comes
i'll find a fucking way to show them all,
I've found the sun.

So sick of hypocrites and liars,
Tall tales are making me tired.
I just hope I make it out alive.
I've found a place that doesn't fucking kill me.
I've found a life that doesn't fucking drain me.
I just hope that you don't feel the same.

I'll rip these pages out,
I'll wear these pavements down.
I'll watch you hit the ground,
like a kid I turn and run.
And when the winters done
I'll find a fucking way to show them all,
I found the sun.

And I don't even mind,
If i stay i'll count in time
If i go i know I made it out alive.
Track Name: 2am
Waking up at midnight
Passing out by 2am
It never ends
Can I apologise
For anything I said back then
It never meant a thing.

And I've wasted time
Through most of my life
I lost my way
I've been wasting time,
but it seems i'm doing fine
I'm on my way.

I'm inside you now
You don't even know my name
I don't regret a thing.
I light a cigarette
My head spins round
I can't see straight
When will this end?

I'm on my way,
and i'm doing fine.
Track Name: Twelve Steps
Requests like minor threats
on baited breath
I only hope as time goes on it all turns out to serve a purpose
And everything I know
I wont let you go
Before I leave
I turn to speak
I bite my tongue
I'm probably done.

We live tonight
As long as we stay focused
and maybe we can decide
If we die tonight
I never felt so sober.
Maybe we can get it right.

Not everybody knows
I move alone
with silence by my side
I move at night
It helps me keep my movements unknown.
I'm afraid of light
I don't sleep at night
Before I leave
You turn to speak
but bite your tongue
I'm probably wrong.
Track Name: Never Better
Put these fires out,
Somehow caught in the middle.
Taking time to figure it out,
When it all seemed simple.
Am I wasting breath?
Now I feel like death.
The pacifist,
Your body stops before it hits the floor.

I'm Breathing in air
without a care.
It's never felt better.
I never felt better.
She said, we said
We never felt better.

Still walking proud
Not the person that you thought you could tell
and I know it tastes bitter
Not as much as watching you spit it out.
I'm not thinking straight,
And i feel like shit.
Repeated in my head
It takes me back to way back when

I was breathing in air
without a care.
It never felt better.
I never felt better.
She said, we said
We never felt better.

And I'm over it
And I felt like shit.
I wasted breath,
But I never felt better!